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“Suffolk Punch beer is inspired by our customers. We make beer that meets you where you are. Our motivation is the fact that we can always get better – we strive to continually improve. We scrutinize every ingredient, every process, and every beer style available. We are proud of what we brew, and the enjoyment we bring to our communities.

Whether it is a classic style or a new-age seedling of an idea of what beer can be, we guarantee you will get nothing but our best – the best ingredients, techniques, effort, and inspiration.”
Bill McCann, Operations Manager, Suffolk Punch Brewing

Suffolk Punch is no longer just a name, but a state of mind. An unbridled dedication to doing right by all things. From the ingredients we source, to
the brewers we stand behind – every beer gets our very best.

At Suffolk Punch Brewing, we’re committed to crafting damn good beer, to building architecturally innovative spaces, and to giving our community a place
they can rely on and retreat to.

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