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An odd and unfamiliar name to most, but one that rings a bell to many equestrians. The Suffolk Punch is a rare, and at one point endangered, breed of horse native to eastern counties of England. It’s a stout and powerful creature with a heritage that goes back further than some textbooks. It’s a workhorse. Through and through. It has nothing to do with beer… (as far as we know) but there was something about the name, the image, and the legacy that rang true to us.

So we went with it.



We spend too much time searching. Wandering here and there, to and from, looking for
somewhere suitable to spend time – to meet friends, to fill bellies, to drink good beer.
There’s always some obstacle to entry. Some wrench in the machine. Some lack of
commitment. Some cog missing.

Whether it’s a sign that reads ‘closed till 5’, a menu that just never seems to change, or worst of all… A place with the gall not to serve well-thought after beer.

It was one closed sign too many that opened our minds to a big idea. After so many years frustrated with our status as un-satisfied patrons, we decided to become business owners. And now, we have a new problem: a new dissatisfaction. The problem with standards is that they can always get higher. We’re never satisfied with how much more we can offer, how much better we can become.

That’s how what started as a brewery with a grudge against closed doors became a place that couldn’t stop opening new ones. And so, what started with beer, certainly didn’t end with beer. Suffolk Punch Brewing has since expanded into a multifaceted operation the whole town can count on. Rain, shine, morning, night – We’re here. There’s a few places you can find us and a few more on the way.

At our architectural feat of a flagship, we’ve got our brewery pumping, and our kitchen humming. Our head brewer and our head-chef have established a friendly rivalry over the menu, while our baristas at the coffee bar and ‘tenders’ at the bar-bar are content to hone in on their respective cappuccinos and cocktails.

The point is, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond in every category. We’re workhorses like that. We won’t stop until the job is done and we can’t see an end in sight.

So instead of wasting any more time talking about what we’re about, we’re gonna get back to the going. We hope to see you soon. Saddle up.